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Judul : Cage
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the shadows dance on the walls
from the flicker of the candle
the lines connect then realign

the walls begin to pulse
i've no power to stop it
this room is a giant lung
and i want to pop it

so i cave inside myself
a cage within a cage
slip into the cracks
i'm too far gone to be saved

the flame seems so welcoming to the walls
they act as if they were paper
filled with poetry and it's all

in my head

the shadows become familiar with each other
like two long lost lovers
so intimate and delicate

they come together and come apart
just like me

don't let the darkness take me
don't let the darkness swallow me
after all, it might be too late

the walls are still pulsing
like i lack control over it
this room is a giant lung
it's cancerous

don't let the darkness take me

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