Three Twenty-Three

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Judul : Three Twenty-Three
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Three Twenty-Three

i had an idea float through my head as i watched the world pass by
i have many of these moments
i've had many the perfect word to explain the world around me
but they have come and gone

but i'd be lying if i said i'd want to be
anywhere but here
beside you now

i was told i wouldn't make it as a contributing member of society
i've been kicked when i was down
i don't think about those times anymore
because i'd like to think i've proved them wrong

i am human
expect mistakes
expect lessons to be learned
on my own

don't crawl back to me when you're in my shadow

i was taught in grade school to treat others the way you'd treat yourself
i thought i'd tell myself this more often
i try my best to work with what i've been given
but these words are mine

but i'd be lying if i said
i needed more
than you now

i'm not perfect
i am human
and i'm happy
you accept me for who i am
and i feel you feel the same

i was told as a child to go to bed at a decent time
but here it is, three twenty-three in the morning
where'd the time go? i don't know

but i'd be lying if i said i'd be better
in another bed
without you

and i'd be lying if i said
i needed more
than you

and i'd be lying if i said i'd want to be
anywhere but here
right here in this moment
with you

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